Morphine Addiction

Morphine AddictionMorphine is a dangerous opiate that is commonly prescribed in the treatment of moderate to severe pain. The drug is classified as a narcotic which has a deep, analgesic effect on the central nervous system. While the drug may be widely prescribed, this does not mean that it is not highly dangerous! Morphine addiction can occur as a result of taking the drug as prescribed and it can develop from recreational use. Anyone who takes morphine is at risk of developing a potential dangerous dependence that includes both physical and psychological consequences.

Morphine Effects

Many different side effects can develop as a result of taking morphine. These effects may or may not subside when the drug is no longer being used. While there is a pain relieving euphoria that can develop when morphine is being taken, these effects quickly diminish leaving the user feeling as if he or she needs to take more and more of the drug in order to feel the same high. This effect is known as tolerance and it’s the very first step toward morphine addiction.

Short term effects of morphine are not typically signs of addiction and do not always designate that an addiction to the drug will occur. These effects include things like drowsiness, depressed breathing and relaxation. Sustained use of morphine can produce many long term effects including physical dependence, increased tolerance to the drug and morphine withdrawals when the user attempts to quit using the drug.

What Makes Morphine Addiction So Bad?

As if the effects of the drug and the addiction aren’t enough, trying to stop using morphine can lead to a whole other world of upset, pain and problems. Users who attempt to quit taking morphine are likely to feel a wealth of different withdrawal symptoms that make sustained abstinence from the drug a difficult process to achieve. Morphine addiction can literally suck the life out of an individual making it near impossible to live with the drug and equally as impossible to live without it!

There is Help!

Fortunately, there is help available to those who become addicted to this dangerous drug. While it may not make sense at first to seek professional care, in time most addicts realize that they cannot win this fight alone. Professional treatment for morphine addiction can ensure a safe, secure environment where the recovering addict can receive help and medical care under the supervision of trained staff who understand the addiction, the struggles that come with quitting and the fight that is required to overcome the addiction and get back on track.

Morphine is a very difficult drug to stop using. Withdrawals that result from the physical addiction to the drug make it very difficult to stay sober and to continue down a path to recovery. Support groups, professional treatment and medical care is available to make the process of recovering from morphine addiction easier. Treatment for morphine addiction can help you or a loved one to get your life back.